An electron in hydrogen atom makes a transition n₁ → n₂

An Electron In Hydrogen Atom Makes A Transition N Physics Question

An electron in hydrogen atom makes a transition n₁ → n₂ where n₁ and n₂ are principal quantum number of the two states. Assuming Bohr’s model to be valid the time period of the electron in the initial state is eight times that in the final state. The possible values of n₁ and n₂ are


(a) n₁ = 4 and n₂ = 2
(b) n₁ = 6 and n₂ = 2
(c) n₁ = 8 and n₂ = 1
(d) n₁ = 8 and n₂ = 2

Correct Answer:

n₁ = 4 and n₂ = 2


T ∞ n³
Tn₁ = 8 Tn₂ (given)
Hence, n₁ = 2n₂

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