Practice tests help you to identify the weak topics you have not mastered and encourage you to focus your future learning towards those weak areas. You can attempt to solve previous year AIPMT/NEET question papers online or take mock/model tests given below.

NEET Mock Tests

Subject-wise mock/model tests have been specially designed to replicate the actual NEET examination based on the difficulty level of the actual questions asked in the examination so candidates can check their preparation effectively.

Quick Subject Evaluation

Evaluate your learning for Physics, Chemistry and Biology within 15 minutes. Each test will give you 24 questions covering 24 topics. You can get a sense of your current study level in each of these 24 topics.

Topic Wise NEET Learning

Let’s change our NEET preparation into a game. There are two parts to a successful NEET preparation. The first part is learning and understanding the concepts and the second part is analysing and applying those concepts […]

Solve Previous NEET Question Papers

After completion of reading the NEET syllabus, students can take these tests which contain questions from previous year question paper. Upon completion of the tests, students can identify their weakest topics in each of the […]

NEETLab Challenge

This NEETLab Challenge contains five levels of test. Each level gets tougher starting from level-1. Our team of experts have designed questions for this challenge in such a way that it covers all the concepts, […]