Guess NEET Score 2018 Contest – Predict and Win Amazing Prizes

We are excited to announce Guess Your NEET Score contest for students who appeared on NEET 2018 examination.

Students who correctly guess their neet score are going to win amazing prizes. NEETLab is giving a chance for students to take their own laptop while they enter the medical college.

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All you have to do is register yourself by sending your guess score as Whatsapp request. If your guessed score and actual NEET score is close, then you have the chance to win the exciting prizes. Students who do not have Whatsapp can send SMS to join the contest.

Who can participate in Guess NEET score Contest

Lets first see who can participate in guess neet score contest. All students who have appeared in NEET 2018 examination is eligible to participate in this contest.

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If you want your friends to join the contest, Share this video through whatsapp or facebook. If there are more registrations, we are planning to give more prizes.

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How to Participate in Guess NEET score 2018 Contest

Now, lets see how to participate in guess your NEET score contest. You need to send two Whatsapp request, one to register yourself in the content and another to inform your actual marks and claim the prize.

The guess registration request should contain the name, NEET roll no, date of birth, city, state and the guessed score. Send this Whatsapp request to 638 208 8809.

Sample Prediction/Guess Whatsapp Request

GUESS Hari 989898982 10/2/2001 Nasik Maharastra 455

After the NEET results are announced, you should send your actual NEET score using the SCORE request as shown below to the same Whatsapp number 638 208 8809


If your actual score is exact or close to the guessed score, then you have the chance to win the prize.

Prizes for Guess Your Score Contest

The first prize is laptop, second prize is tablet, third prize is android mobile. Apart from these prizes, 7 more participants will get surprise gifts as Consolation prizes.

Guess NEET Marks Rules & Regulations

  1. If more than one person guessed their score correctly, prizes will be awarded based on the lucky draw.
  2. This contest opens on 6th May and closes on the day the OMR Sheet is released by the CBSE.
  3. Prizes will be awarded during the month of July.
  4. First Whatsapp registration request for the NEET roll number is considered as valid. So don’t send multiple requests with different marks for the same NEET Roll number. If you do so, you will be banned from the contest.

Question of the day

What do you think will be the top NEET score in your state? Please let us know your state and your top score expectation in the comment section below. If you guess is close, it increases your chances to win the laptop.

All the best to win this contest.

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