About Us

NEETLab is a 100% free online NEET learning and practising place where your medical dream becomes a reality. We guide not just to help you clear the NEET examination but to equip yourself with necessary learning and thinking skills that would transform yourself to a smart and successful doctor.

Neuroscientists and Educational Psychologists have given us lot of insights on how learning changes the structure of the brain. They have also given us lot of tools and techniques to learn effectively. But unfortunately, these insights and findings are not yet implemented in educational institutions as well as in most of the coaching centres.

Moreover, emerging technologies such as the internet and the mobile are leading the development of many new techniques to enhance and guide learning. NEETLab is an effort to merge the latest technology and recent brain research findings to enhance your higher order thinking skills, that would help you to clear competitive examinations like NEET. 

If you are visiting this site for the first time, you are encouraged to register with us so that you can track your learning and practice. This will help you to identify weak topics in each subject. Moreover, only registered users will get guidance and notification about probable questions and concepts for NEET 2018 examination.

You are also encouraged to take the Video Course, How to Crack NEET to understand the learning tools and techniques that can be used to score high in NEET. This course should not take more than one hour to complete, but it will save thousand hours of your preparation time.

How To Clear NEET Exam in First Attempt (Self-Study without Coaching)