How to score maximum NEET marks in 3 hours – Exam hall time management strategy

How To Score Maximum Marks Neet Exam Hall Time Management Strategy

In this article, we will be covering how to manage your 3 hours exam time so that you can score maximum NEET marks. It covers aspect like when to fill OMR sheet, how many rounds you should attempt, should you solve all biology questions before moving on to chemistry, etc

How to Score Maximum NEET Marks in 3 hours - Time Management Strategy to crack NEET

NEET Exam Time Management Strategy

Lets move on with NEET exam time management strategy to get maximum marks. If your NEET score target is 600+ or studying at one of the premier coaching center, then you might have already heard Time management techniques during NEET exam. If you are studying in coaching center, you might already know that you should start with Biology first and then move on to Chemistry and finally do the Physics. That’s the right approach to effectively manage exam time as well as to gain confidence during the exam.

Why you should attempt Biology First

Lets see why you should attempt biology first and later discuss the effective strategy to solve NEET question paper within 3 hours so that you get the maximum marks. NEET exam paper consist of three types of questions, the first type of question tests your memory recall, the second type of question tests your analysis and evaluation skills and the third type of question tests your problem solving skills.

Apart from these, there are 3 to 5 questions in every NEET question paper which is exclusively targeted for students who fight for the first 100 ALL India Rank in the exam. The strategy you adopt should help you to eliminate those tough 5 questions and concentrate your available 3 hours effectively to solve the other three types of questions to get the maximum marks.

Previous Year NEET Question Paper Analysis

Analysis of previous year NEET question paper reveals that there are more number of memory type questions, (approximately 50%) less number of analytical questions (approximately 25%) and very less number of problem solving questions( approximately 20%). As I said earlier, less than 3% of the questions are toughest that are not meant for you to solve.

NEET Exam Hall Experience of Saran – Costly Mistake

Saran, who is studying Engineering now at Madras Institute of Technology shared his NEET exam experience. He prepared 6 months seriously for NEET but still could not get enough marks to get into government medical college. So he buried his medical dream and doing engineering now. He attributes his low score to one biggest mistake he did during the NEET exam. He started solving the questions in the same order asked in the question paper.

During the first one hour of the exam, he was really confident because he could correctly answer more than 60 questions in biology. Then he encountered a numerical problem in chemistry. At first it looked like it is simple but he could not solve it quickly. It actually took 10 minutes to solve that problem. He was thinking if he takes 10 minutes to solve one question, he may not have time to complete all the remaining questions. But still he felt happy at that time because he was able to solve the toughest question. He, then went on to verify the result with the options given in the question.

Can you guess what would have happened? Yes, you guessed it right. The final result is not there in the options given in the question paper. So Saran started checking the result. It took more and more time and by the time he figured out the correct answer, 30 minutes were over. He felt tensed and could not proceed as questions became more and more tougher. He lost his temper and that reflected in his NEET score. He asked me to share his bad experience with NEETLab preparation group, so that no one makes this mistake.

How to score maximum NEET marks – Tips and Tricks

This might have happened to you while you were solving previous year NEET questions or mock tests during your NEET preparation . This is very common while attempting tougher questions. But there is a way to avoid this costly mistake and score maximum marks in NEET exam.

Four Round NEET Attempt Strategy to Effectively Manage 3 hours Exam time

Instead of attempting questions in the order given in the question paper, if you to attempt the NEET question paper in four rounds instead of just one, you can avoid this costly mistake. Lets see how to solve the NEET question paper in four rounds in detail.

First Round – Solving NEET Question Paper

In the first round, you should try to answer the question within 10 seconds. This means you have 7 seconds to read the question, 1 second to get the answer, 1 or 2 secs to fill the answer in the OMR sheet. Generally, if you have practised lot of MCQs during your preparation, you should be able to solve 60% of the questions within 1 second because you need not think to get the answer. All it takes to answer the question is retrieval from your memory. Do you know how many seconds it takes to retrieve something you already know from your memory? It takes only quarter of a second not just to retrieve but to react as well.

At the end of your round-1, you would have read all 180 questions. This would take a total 30 minutes and you would have answered between 60-100 questions based on your NEET preparation level. Please keep in mind that you have also filled in the OMR sheet for these 60-100 answers during this round-1.

Second Round – Solving NEET Question Paper

Now move on to the second round, in this round you should fix target of 30 seconds to solve a question. The question types you would be solving in this round are related to analysis and evaluation. Direct formula substitution questions of physics and chemistry also fall in this second round. In essence, any question which involve little thinking rather than retrieval from your memory should be attempted in this round. More than 30% of the NEET questions require higher order thinking skills to solve.

Use techniques such as backward result computation, eliminating the extreme values to reduce the problem solving time. If any question takes more than 30 seconds, then keep it aside and move on to the next question. If you have doubt between two answers, try to solve it in 30 seconds, if you could not decide, mark them in question paper for fourth round and move on. This second round should not take more than 30 minutes and you would have answered 20-40 questions.

Third Round – Solving NEET Question Paper

After this, start the third round, in this round you should fix target of 2 minutes to solve a question. You are going to solve tougher questions in this round. The question types you would be solving in this round will be mostly numerical from Physics and Chemistry.

The main aim of this round is to eliminate the 3 to 5 toughest questions asked in the NEET exam. These questions can be answered correctly only by the first 100 toppers of NEET exam. If you are not one among them, you should not waste time in attempting these questions. These toughest questions can be taken up at the last after you complete this third round. This Third round should not take more than 40 minutes and you would have answered 15-25 questions.

Fourth Round – Solving NEET Question Paper

Take the fourth and final round now. In this round, you should fix target of 4 mins to solve a question. There will be 5 to 15 questions which would fall in this round. These questions are either really tough or confusing where two or more answers may appear to be correct. Fourth round should not take more than 40 minutes.

You have finished solving the question paper in 2 hours 20 mins. After completing this, start verifying the answers you have marked in the OMR sheet one by one in the same order you have picked questions for the four rounds. You would get approximately 20 to 30 minutes to do this even if you have take little bit extra time in any of the rounds.

Practice NEET Exam Hall Time Management Technique

Hope you have understood the strategy to take the NEET exam. Knowing how to score maximum marks in NEET exam is good but not sufficient to get maximum NEET score. If you go to exam after reading this article, you are going to struggle during the exam. You should practice this at-least couple of times at your home. Don’t use any online coaching website to practice this technique. Take print out of the previous year question paper, say 2017 and 2015.

Solve with pen and paper following this four round strategy. This practice will help you to get the maximum marks in the NEET exam. If you are looking for free topic wise questions for practice, you can do so by searching “neetlab” in google.

That brings us to the end of the article. I reiterate that reading this article alone is not going to help but solving few previous year NEET question papers following this technique will definitely help you to score 560+ in NEET exam. If you score 560+, you are going to get medical seat through All India counselling. Let’s say if you fail to do so and get only 400 marks, there is still opportunity for you if you belong to less competitive states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka,etc to get government medical seat under state quota.

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Without Knowing Your Goal, there is no way you can aim for it. Whatsapp your dream college and we will send you the NEET Score you should target to get into your dream college.

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