NEET Cutoff 2018 For Tamilnadu Government and Private Colleges

Tamilnadu Neet Cutoff 2018 Tn Any Medical College

Do you know the Expected NEET 2018 cutoff for Tamilnadu government colleges under All India Quota/State Quota? Do you know that it is easy to get into govt medical colleges in Tamilnadu through TN state quota?   What is the target score you have set? How sure are you that you can get into your dream medical college with your target NEET score. How many seats are available in your nearby medical college and what is the cutoff range for your reservation category? If you do not know the answer for any one of these questions, don’t worry.. this article will help you to find answers for these questions.

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This article will focus on Tamilnadu state quota, reservation and target cutoff score for each category. After you finish reading this article about Tamilnadu NEET cutoff, you would know how to get the target NEET score under state quota for any government medical college in Tamilnadu based on your reservation category.

If you are interested to know NEET cutoff for 15% All India Quota seats in Government Medical Colleges across India, then click link to read All India quota NEET score range.

Do you know that Tamilnadu students who studied 10th and 12th in Tamilnadu has advantage over CBSE and other board Tamilnadu students. TN is one of the easiest state to get government college medical seat. Let me explain why?

What advantages Tamilnadu students have over other state students in India?

The first good thing about Tamilnadu is that it has more number of medical colleges and medical seats. If we compare the number of schools in TN, there are close to 7000 state board higher secondary schools which teaches biology and 270 CBSE schools that teaches biology. So if you study in CBSE board, the chances of getting government medical college seat is high because there are less number of CBSE students in Tamilnadu. Apart from these, Tamilnadu is the only state which reserves lot of seats for backward categories like BC, MBC and SC categories.

Who is eligible to get Tamil Nadu state quota medical seat in government medical colleges?

All students who belong to tamilnadu or studied from 8th to 12th in schools located in tamilnadu. If you studied in some other state but your permanent residence is tamilnadu, then you have to produce the nativity certificate to become eligible.

Government Medical Colleges in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu has 25 government colleges run by the state government with close to 3250 government medical seats where the fees is just Rs 13600 per year because it is highly subsidized by the state government. Apart from govt colleges, Tamilnadu has 24 private medical colleges that provides close to 3150 MBBS seats at a higher annual tuition fees.

Type Colleges Seats
1 Govt 25 3250
2 Private 24 3150

Government Seats under All India Quota and TN State Quota

Out of these 2350 seats, close to 500 are filled by All India Medical Counselling and the rest 85% of the state quota seats are filled by Tamilnadu state medical counselling. 15% of the total government medical seats are allotted by the All India Medical Counselling. This comes to around 4600 seats. Rest of the government college seats are filled by the respective state government where the college is located.

Medical Seat Distribution in Tamilnadu State

Let us now split medical seats into sub categories and see the fees structure for each of these categories. There are 2760 seats in government medical colleges. Apart from these, 50% of most of the self-financing college seats are available under the state government quota but comes at a higher tuition fees. The rest 50% seats of private of self-financing colleges which comes to around 1600 seats comes at much higher tuition fees.

Tuition Fees for Tamilnadu Medical Colleges

Medical seat in government college should be the target for every student who prepare for NEET as the tuition fees is just Rs 13600 per year. For govt seat in private college, the fees is 4 lakhs /year. For management quota seats the fees would start from 12.5 lakhs/annum. Every self-financing college has few seats for NRI quota which comes at 23.5 lakhs/annum.

College Type Quota Seats Tuition Fees
1 Govt Govt 2760 Rs 13600
2 Private Govt 1500 Rs 4 Lakhs/Year
3 Private Management 1600 Rs 12.5 Lakhs/Year
4 Private NRI Some % of Mgmt Seats Rs 23.5 Lakhs/Year

Last Year NEET Qualified Students

During the Last year NEET exam, nearly 88000 students from Tamilnadu appeared but only 27000 students got qualified. This is one of the lowest passing percentage across India. This is due to the fact that state board syllabus and teaching methodology is completely different from the CBSE board.

Do you know that the competition is very low in tamilnadu compared to other state?. 88000 students fought for 4250 seats last year. This means 1 out of 20 students have the change to get the medical seat. If we compare this with All India quota competition, 1 out of 250 get a medical seat.

Tamilnadu Medical Seat Reservation

Not lets see the category wise reservations for Tamilnadu medical counselling. Open Category(OC) gets 31% and Backward Class(BC) gets 30%. Muslims have separate 3.5% reservation which comes under the BC reservation. Apart from caste based reservations, there is also reservation for physically handicapped students.

Category Reservation%
1 Open Category (OC) 31%
2 Backward Class (BC) 30% (3.5% for Muslims)
3 Most Backward Class (MBC) 20%
4 Schedule Caste (SC) 18%
5 Schedule Tribe (ST) 1%

NEET Cutoff Score Range for Reservation Categories

Lets see an overview of the NEET score range for each reservation categories. You will see big difference between every category and if we compare this with All India NEET scores, each category score reduces by more than 100. This is the reason why I said it is much easier to get medical seat under state medical quota.

Category NEET Score Range
1 Open Category (OC) 594-388
2 Backward Class (BC) 477-315
3 Most Backward Class (MBC) 418-249
4 Schedule Caste (SC) 353-207
5 Schedule Tribe (ST) 268-168

To get an understanding of this NEET cutoff range let us see the NEET scores of the students for each category in the best college in Tamilnadu and the least preferred college in Tamil nadu.

If your NEET score is less than the NEET score Range given in the above table. Don’t worry. There are options where you can study MBBS at the goverment prescribed fees of Rs 4 lakhs/annum even if your NEET score is low. To know these options, send whatsapp request “Counsel” to 6382088809

Best Medical College in Tamilnadu according to student preference

The No 1 choice for top rank students seems to be Madras Medical College. This college has a total of 250 MBBS seats, out of which 32 are filled by all India medical counselling and 218 seats are filled by tamilnadu medical counselling.

Let us compare the NEET scores of Madras medical college for all India quota and TN state quota. For all India quota, 610+ is required for OC. 600+ for OBC. For state quota, this reduces to 525 for OC and 480 for BC and 420 for MBC.
Madras Medical College, Chennai Cutoff Comparison All India Quota and Tamilnadu State Quota

Category NEET Score Range
1 Open Category (OC) 594-388
2 Backward Class (BC) 477-315
3 Most Backward Class (MBC) 418-249
4 Schedule Caste (SC) 353-207
5 Schedule Tribe (ST) 268-168

Least Preferred Medical College in Tamilnadu by students during counselling

The least preferred college among students in Tamilnadu is Pudukottai Govt medical College. the NEET score of the last student in each reservation category is given. Can you believe that BC student with 310 NEET score is studying medicine at Pudukottai medical college.

From the top and least preferred college, we can come to a conclusion that if we target NEET Score above 350, we can be 100% sure of government medical college seat under the state quota.

Tamilnadu college wise NEET score Range

Interested to know college wise NEET score range, send us your college name along with other details such as your name, city, date of birth, category, etc to Whatsapp number 7010253788

“StateScore Name dd/mm/yyyy Category CityName CollegeName”

To Whatsapp Number 7010253788

For example if Ravishankar from trichy who is born on 20/10/2001 wants to know the NEET score range for SC category at Stanley Medical college, Chennai he would send whatsapp request as shown below.


STATESCORE Ravi Shankar 20/10/2001 SC Trichy Stanley Medical College

Without Knowing Your Goal, there is no way you can aim for it. Whatsapp your dream college and we will send you the NEET Score you should target to get into your dream college.

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    • You can try both. What is your target cutoff? If you get 550+, then you can participate in both all india counselling and state counselling. If you get lets say 450+, then you can participate only in state counselling as 550 is the NEET score of the last student who got medical seat through all india medical counselling.

  1. I come under General i.e OBC Creamy layer under centre but BC under TN GOVT. So what category will be applied during 85 % state quota counselling? I will get a score of 480. What are the possibilities of me getting into a govt medical college under state quota in Tamilnadu? Please reply.


  3. Dear admin,
    I am a NEET aspirant belonging to OC community . I compared my answer sheet with the published (unofficial) answer keys,and I think that I will be getting marks nearing 300. Kindly tell me , whether I’ll get a medical seat in tamilnadu.

    • It is tough to get in govt college. If you are interested to study medicine within govt prescribed fees send whatsapp request “Counsel” to 6382088809

  4. I’m expecting 406 marks in neet 2018 I belongs to bc category can i get government medical college in tamilnadu under state quota

    • There is very less chance to get govt quota seat in Tamilnadu. You need to try management quota seat in private college which comes at tuition fees Rs 15 lakhs/annum to Rs 25 lakhs/annum. If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 to know more options

  5. Respected Admin,
    I am a CBSE student in Tamilnadu domicile and I belong to OBC category.i expect to score 450+ in neet 2018.please tell me about my chance of getting a government medical college through state quota.

  6. Sir I m bc candidate and I m getting 412 marks in neet 2018.. Will I get a medical seat in any college in chennai like kmc, esic , omandurar or anywhere In chennai?

    • The chances are very little. . If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 to know more options

    • The chances are less for stanley medical colelge as cutoff for tamilnadu is expected to increase for all reservation category. You can get kilpauk, omandurar, chengalpattu government medical college.

  7. I am expecting 265 marks in neet 2018.I belong to SC category.Do i have a chance to get gov.medical college in chennai?in tamilnadu?
    Will I get in omandurar?

  8. Sir, my neet score is around 330 in 2018 according to unofficial keys. I belongs to MBC. Can i get a government seat in tamil nadu?

  9. Sir, I belongs to MBC category. I am expecting around 330 in neet 2018 tamil nadu. Can I get a government seat in tamil nadu?

  10. Dear admin
    I am a Neet aspirant and I am expecting about 350 in Neet 2018. I belong to bc creamy layer .will I get mbbs seat at least in any private college under gov quota.

    • Last year cutoff for govt college was 211. This year the cutoff is expected to increase. You have little chance to get govt college and better chance to get govt quota in private college

    • Last year cutoff was 211 and this year cutoff will increase. you have little chance for govt college and better chance for govt quota in private tamilnadu medical colleges

  11. i get 285 marks in neet 2018 and i belong to BC category. will i get into any govt college? or will i atleast get govt quota in private medical college??

    • Last year cutoff was 315 and this year the cutoff would be close to 400. If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 to know more options

  12. Hi,
    Can a student from Andhra Pradesh apply for private collages in Tamilnadu. If so, If a student secures 400 marks, could you please let me know chances of getting admission in private colleges having less tuition fee. Thanks in advance!

  13. Hello Sir/Ma’am, I am expecting an score of 360 and I belong to MBC, is there any chance of me getting into a medical college in Chennai itself?

    • you have little chance to get govt college but better chance to get govt quota in private college at tuition fees of Rs 4 lakhs/annum tuition fees.


    • Last year MBC cutoff was 250 but this year cutoff will increase to more than 300. If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 along with your city and state to know more options

  15. Sir my neet score is 321 am belongs to OBC category. Whether I have a chance to govt medical college in tamilnadu?? Pls kindly reply sir

  16. My neet score will be around 330 and i am belongs to mbc. Is there any chance of getting govt medical seat under state quota in tamilnadu and also is there any possibilities under exservicemen quota?

    • The chances are very less as this year NEET cutoff for TN will increase significantly. If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 along with your city and state to know more options

  17. Sir, I am expecting 340 marks in neet 2018.I belong to SC category.Is there a chance to get into Madurai medical college?

    • the chances are less. If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 along with your city and state to know more options

  18. Respected sir,
    I am a neet aspirant with 380 marks belonging to OC category…can I expect a gov seat in TN under state quota.Kindly reply…..sir

  19. I,m a student of TN belongs to MBC category. Expecting 165 marks in NEET 2018. Can I have a chance to get Govt allotted management seats in PVt medical colleges in Tamilnadu

    • Last year cutoff was 250 and this year cutoff is expected to increase significantly. If you are interested to study medicine at Rs 4 to 6 lakhs/annum, Send COUNSEL whatsapp request to 6382088809 along with your city and state to know more options

  20. Sir,i am mbc candidate and got 170 in neet 2018.Will i get either government college or in private college government seat.pls reply

  21. Dear sir my neet marks is 195 and i am belongs mbc.wil i have to chance to get govt medical college in tamilnadu ?

  22. My born and study belongs to Tamilnadu. I got NEET score 327. I belongs to MBC. Tell me the possibilities to join MBBS in govt or private colleges in Tamilnadu.

  23. Hi,
    I got 308 marks in neet exam, Can i get mbbs seat in Tamil Nadu?
    Is there any possibility to getting private/Govt college in chennai?

  24. Sir I’m getting 320 in neet 2018 and belong to OBC category…
    Which quota will I get …will I get government quota in private colleges…is it possible for me to get seat in deemed university like Ramachandra..?

  25. Sir /madam I have scored 278 in neet 2018 and I belong to mbc category can I get a seat for mbbs in any government medical colleges in tamilnadu

  26. I have got 305 in neet 2018
    I belong to bc will I get government college in Tamil nadu.
    It seems that Cutt off marks of tamilnadu would be decreased..
    Is there a sure chance that I would enter in govt medical college…??

  27. I have got a NEET score of 398 and I belong to OBC category. Would I be able to secure a seat under govt quota?

  28. Sir i belong to bc category… and i have scored 342 there any chances to get govt seat in tamil nadu for mbbs ?

  29. sir/ mam,
    my score in neet is 250 and i belong to MBC category can i get seat in govt college under state quota

  30. I have secured 241 in neet 2018. I belong to OBC category.I have sent counsel to given whatsapp number.I didnt get any response. Kindly reply and let me know if i could get admission @ affordable cost as you have mentioned. If I get through management quota also im ready to take admisssion. will I get management quota?

  31. Respected Sir
    My NEET Score 339. Iam belong to BC catagery.If it’s possible I will get state Gov seat in Tamil Nadu.Kindly to tell me what can I do. thank you Sir.

  32. Dear admin…
    This yr 2018.. My neet score is 288.. In mbc category.i neet seat in govt college.. Is it possible???


  34. Sir , Neet score is 206 and blong to MBC , anychange get state quota in private colleges at tuition fees of Rs 4 lakhs/annum.

  35. I’m scored 407 in neet 2018 belong to bc.which college can inexpect? Can I expect for CBE or Madurai?… kindly plz reply sir

  36. My neet mark is 283.i am bc and I am child of exservice man.can I have chance to get govt seat under special category?

  37. I have got 263 in neet 2018 and I belong to sc category . is there any chance of getting seat in government ESIC medical college chennai?

  38. neet score:353, category:bc,sir i wanted to know whether i have chance in tamilnadu govt medical clg this year.hope u will reply soon..

  39. I have a score of 411 and my community rank is 640 (BC)…Can I expect Omandurar or Chengalpattu Medical college?

  40. Requested admin.
    My neet score is 201 in 2018 ..will I get a seat in private collage in govt quota.. I belong to SC category..

  41. Dear Sir,

    I got 460 marks in NEET and NEET rank is 39000. Can I get MBBS in AIQ or state in Kerala.

    While I am registering in MCC for AIQ, mistakenly, I select deemed university also and the fee is showing Rs.205000 (200,000+5000). If I paid the full amount and not get any seats in govt colleges, shall I get back the 200,000 and how long will take to return the money.

    Appreciate your kind advise.

  42. sir I got 225 in neet 2019 and i belong to mbc
    what is the possiblity of getting government quota in private colleges in tamilnadu
    reply as fast as you could

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