A transverse wave is represented by y = a sin (?t – kx)

A Transverse Wave Is Represented By Y A Sin Physics Question

A transverse wave is represented by y = a sin (?t – kx). For what value of the wavelength is the wave velocity equal to the maximum particle velocity?


(a) πA / 2
(b) π A
(c) 2π A
(d) A

Correct Answer:

2π A


y = A sin ( ?t – kx ) particle velocity,
vₚ = dy/ dt = A ? cos ( ?t – kx )
vₚ ₘₐₓ = A ? wave velocity = ? / k
A ? = ? / k i.e., A = 1/k But k = 2π / λ
λ = 2π A

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