For photoelectric emission from certain metal the cut-off frequency is v

For Photoelectric Emission From Certain Metal The Cutoff Frequency Is Physics Question

For photoelectric emission from certain metal the cut-off frequency is v. If radiation of frequency 2v impinges on the metal plate, the maximum possible velocity of the emitted electron will be (m is the electron mass)


(a) √ hv / m
(b) √ 2hv / m
(c) 2 √hv / m
(d) √ hv / (2m)

Correct Answer:

√ 2hv / m


From photo-electric equation,
hv’ = hv + Kₘₐₓ …(i)
h.2v = hv + 1/2 mV²ₘₐₓ [ v’ = 2v ]
hv = 1/2 mV²ₘₐₓ ⇒ Vₘₐₓ = √ 2hv / m

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Topics: Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation (150)
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