Fall of immature leaf is due to the deficiency of

Fall Of Immature Leaf Is Due To The Deficiency Of Biology Question

Fall of immature leaf is due to the deficiency of


(a) sodium
(b) sulphur
(c) zinc
(d) phosphorus

Correct Answer:



Zinc plays an important role in the synthesis of tryphtophan which is precursor of auxin.Its deficiency causes immature fall of young leaves due to formation of abscission layer which is prevented by auxin and zinc plays an important role in auxin formation.Sulphur is a component of protoplasm and favours root formation.Phosphorus is essential constituent of DNA,RNA and nucleoproteins.It is an energy carrier and forms a part of ATP,ADP and NADP.

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Topics: Transport and Nutrition in Plants (165)
Subject: Biology (4113)

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