Homo erectus erectus is the scientific name of

Homo Erectus Erectus Is The Scientific Name Of Biology Question

Homo erectus erectus is the scientific name of


(a) java Ape man
(b) peking man
(c) cro-magnon
(d) neanderthal

Correct Answer:

java Ape man


Pithecanthropus erectus is also known as java man or Homo erectus erectus. Its fossils (some teeth, skull cap and femur bone) were found in 1891 by Dubois on the bank of Solo River in Eastern Java. It occurred in the pleistocene deposits some 5,00,000 years to 1.5 million years ago. It has a cranial cavity about 940 c.c. intermediate between that of Australopithecus (600-700 c.c.) and modern man (1400-1600 c.c).

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