FAD acts as an electron acceptor in between

Fad Acts As An Electron Acceptor In Between Biology Question

FAD acts as an electron acceptor in between


(a) Fumaric and malic acid
(b) Succinic and fumaric acid
(c) Malic and oxaloacetic acid
(d) Citric and isocitric acid

Correct Answer:

Succinic and fumaric acid


The succinic acid is oxidised to fumaric acid. The enzyme involved is succinic acid dehydrogenase. This is the only reaction of Kreb’s cycle which does not involve the utilisation of cofactor NAD or NADP and the place of which is taken by flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) of the enzyme succinic acid dehydrogenase. FAD takes up the two hydrogen ions and the two electrons from succinic acid and gets reduced.

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