Extra nuclear DNA in Ecoli is termed as

Extra Nuclear Dna In Ecoli Is Termed As Biology Question

Extra nuclear DNA in E.coli is termed as


(a) F factor
(b) sex factor
(c) episome
(d) all of the preceeding,F factor,sex factor,episome

Correct Answer:

all of the preceeding,F factor,sex factor,episome


A plasmid is an extrachromosomal, extranuclear DNA molecule occurring free in the cytoplasm and capable of autonomous replication (independently of the chromosomalDNA). It usually occurs in bacteria, sometimes in eukaryotic organisms.Some plasmids can become associated with another plasmid or with nuclear chromosome; in the latter case, the plasmid is known as episome. In another words, an episome is a plasmid of bacteria or viral DNA that can integrate itself into the chromosomal DNA of the host organism.F

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