Energy of all molecules of a monoatomic gas having a volume V and pressure P is 3PV/2.

Energy Of All Molecules Of A Monoatomic Gas Having A Physics Question

Energy of all molecules of a monoatomic gas having a volume V and pressure P is (3PV/2). The total translational kinetic energy of all molecules of a diatomic gas having the same volume and pressure is


(a) PV/2
(b) 3PV/2
(c) 5PV/2
(d) 3PV

Correct Answer:



Translational kinetic energy depends upon translational degree of freedom. These degree are three for monoatomic as well as diatomic gases. Hence under same pressure, equal volumes of monoatomic and diatomic molecules have same translational kinetic energy i.e. (3 / 2) PV.

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Topics: Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory (34)
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