A system consists of three masses m₁, m₂ and m₃ connected by a string passing

A System Consists Of Three Masses M M And M Physics Question

A system consists of three masses m₁, m₂ and m₃ connected by a string passing over a pulley P. The mass m₁ hangs freely and m₂ and m₃ are on a rough horizontal table (the coefficient of friction = μ). The pulley is frictionless and of negligible mass. The downward acceleration of mass m₁ is (Assume m₁=m₂=m₃=m)A System Consists Of Three Masses M₁ M₂ And M₃ Connected By A String Passing Over A Pulley P. Q


(a) g(1-gμ)/9
(b) 2gμ/3
(c) g(1-2μ)/3
(d) g(1-2μ)/2

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