Covalent Radius

One half of the distance between nuclei of two covalently bonded atoms of same element in a molecule is called as covalent radius. Covalent radius is atomic radius of an element whose electrons are in […]

Atomic Radius

Atomic Radius is the distance from centre of the nucleus to the outermost shell of electrons.

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Trends in Periodic Table

Atomic radius decreases across a period because electrons are added to the […]


Internal resistance to flow offered by one layer of liquid to another layer is called Viscosity. Viscosity is very much similar to friction of solids but not same. The viscosity of thicker liquids like honey is […]

Surface Tension

Force acting perpendicular to the tangential line of surface per unit length

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Points To Remember: Surface tension is a Scalar quantity It is temperature sensitive Unit of surface tension is N/m Dimension […]

Melting Point

Temperature at which solid converts into liquid at atmospheric pressure.

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Points to Remember: If the compound melts over a very narrow range, it can usually be assumed that the compound is relatively […]

Boiling Point

Temperature at which vapour pressure of liquid is equal to atmospheric pressure.

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Points to Remember: Point at which liquid changes to steam. Vander walls forces between molecules break because of which liquid […]

Critical Pressure

Minimum pressure required to liquify the gas at critical temperature.

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Points to Remember:

The combination of critical temperature and critical pressure is called the critical point of a substance.


Critical Temperature

Temperature above which gas cannot be liquefied by pressure alone.

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Points to Remember:

Gases can be converted to liquids by compressing the gas at a suitable temperature. The critical temperature of a […]

Ideal Gas

Gas which obeys gas laws and gas equation pV=nRT at all temperatures and pressures.

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Base Concepts:

Ideal Gas Law

Points to Remember For a gas to be called as ideal gas it must […]

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