Graham’s Law of Diffusion

Rate of diffusion of gases is inversely proportional to the square root of their densities under similar conditions.   Points to Remember Graham’s Law of diffusion can also be stated as the rate of diffusion […]

Dalton’s Law

Pressure of mixture of non-reacting gases is equal to sum of their partial pressures under similar conditions. Points to Remember The partial pressure of each gas is equal to the mole fraction (X) of each […]

Charle’s Law

Volume of gas is directly proportional to temperature at constant pressure. At constant pressure, V1/T1 = V2/T2 where T1 refers to the temperature of gas-1 and T2 refers to temperature of gas-2, V1 refers to the […]

Boyle’s Law

Volume of gas is inversely proportional to pressure at constant temperature. When mass and temperature is kept constant, P1 V1 = P2V2 where P1 refers to the pressure of gas-1 and P2 refers to pressure […]

Dative Bond

Covalent bond in which both the shared electrons come from one atom

Covalent Bond

Bond formed by mutual sharing of electrons between combining atoms

Electrovalent Bond

Electrostatic force which holds the oppositely charged ions together. Also called as Ionic Bond

Chemical Bond

The attractive forces which holds the particles such as atoms, ions and molecules together

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