Law of Conservation of Mass

Definition of Conservation of Mass: The mass of the products in a chemical reaction must equal the mass of the reactants. Explanation: Consider the reaction where hydrogen and oxygen react to give one water molecule. The […]

Reproduction in Organisms

Reproduction Explanation Biological process in which new organisms are born from their parent organism(s). Points to Remember Reproduction is not the only characteristics which determine living organisms as there are many living organisms(including human) that […]

Consciousness in Organisms

Consciousness Explanation Awareness of self and objects in surroundings. Points to Remember: Consciousness is not the only characteristics which determine living things as in case of coma patients, growth and metabolism happens but consciousness is […]

Metabolism in Organisms

Metabolism Explanation Sum of all chemical reactions in living organisms which forms the basis for maintaining the life. Points to Remember: Metabolism is the mechanism by which food is converted into energy for the organism […]

Biological Growth

Growth Explanation Increase in size of the organism or maturity over a period of time. Points to Remember: Growth of organism is not the only deciding characteristics of living organisms as mountains also grow because […]

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