When a sound wave of wavelength λ is propagating in a medium,

When A Sound Wave Of Wavelength Is Propagating In Physics Question

When a sound wave of wavelength λ is propagating in a medium, the maximum velocity of the particle is equal to the wave velocity. The amplitude of wave is


(a) λ
(b) λ/2
(c) λ/2π
(d) λ/4π

Correct Answer:



Maximum particle velocity (vₚ)ₘₐₓ = aω

where a is the amplitude of the wave and ω is the angular frequency

Wave velocity, v = λʋ

where λ is the wavelength of a wave and ʋ is a frequency of a wave.

Given : vₚ = v .·. aω = λʋ or a × 2πʋ = λʋ or a = λ/2π

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