The details of tricarboxylic acid path was worked out by

The Details Of Tricarboxylic Acid Path Was Worked Out By Biology Question

The details of tricarboxylic acid path was worked out by


(a) Meischer
(b) Hans Krebs
(c) Pasteur
(d) Alexander

Correct Answer:

Hans Krebs


The details of tricarboxlic acid path were worked out by Sir Hans Krebs in the 1930s. It is also known as Krebs cycle after its discover and citric acid cycle as the first product formed. The krebs cycle takes place in the matrix of mitochondrian. In this cycle Acetyl groups (2C) enter by combining with a 4C compound OAA (oxaloacetate) to form a 6C compound citrate. Two turns of Krebs cycle takes place per glucose molecule and total output of ATP is 24 ATPs.

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