Match each disease with its correct type of vaccine:

Match Each Disease With Its Correct Type Of Vaccine Atuberculosisiharmless Biology Question

Match each disease with its correct type of vaccine:
(a)tuberculosis(i)harmless virus
(b)whooping cough(ii)inactivated toxin
(c)diphtheria(iii)killed bacteria
(d)polio(iv)harmless bacteria


(a) (a) – (iii), (b) – (ii), (c) – (iv), (d) – (i)
(b) (a) – (iv), (b) – (iii), (c) – (ii), (d) – (i)
(c) (a) – (i), (b) – (ii), (c) – (iv), (d) – (iii)
(d) (a) – (ii), (b) – (i), (c) – (iii), (d) – (iv)

Correct Answer:

(a) – (iv), (b) – (iii), (c) – (ii), (d) – (i)


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Topics: Human Health and Disease (70)
Subject: Biology (4253)

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