In anaerobic respiration the pyruvic acid in muscle will form

In Anaerobic Respiration The Pyruvic Acid In Muscle Will Form Biology Question

In anaerobic respiration the pyruvic acid in muscle will form


(a) Lactic acid (C₃H₆O₃) and H₂O
(b) Alcohol (C₂H₅OH) and H₂O
(c) Acetaldehyde and H₂O
(d) Acetyl CoA and H₂O

Correct Answer:

Lactic acid (C₃H₆O₃) and H₂O


In anaerobic respiration pyruvate undergoes two types of incomplete reduction. In one case it results in the production of ethyl alcohol (Yeast) and in other it produces lactic acid (muscles).

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