Human ancestors who left cave paintings were

Human Ancestors Who Left Cave Paintings Were Biology Question

Human ancestors who left cave paintings were


(a) neanderthal man
(b) cro-magnon man
(c) java ape man
(d) peking man

Correct Answer:

cro-magnon man


Cro-Magnon man are very close relative of modern man and were lived during lost 30,000 years in Europe and other parts of the world. These succeeded neanderthals and became extinct about 20,000 years ago.They were swift footed, cave dwelling forms and are said to be expert hunters. They were conversant with art and could sketch pictures of their contemporary animals. They made spear-heads and arrows. They made ornaments from ivory and decorated their body. They did not know agriculture and domestication but exhibited some cultural advance and had some religious burial ceremonies. At least 12,000 years ago, they had learnt to make paints out of clays, animals fats and metal oxides.

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