Chlorosis is produced in leaves due to deficiency of FeMgMnN or S Of these

Chlorosis Is Produced In Leaves Due To Deficiency Of Femgmnn Biology Question

Chlorosis is produced in leaves due to deficiency of Fe,Mg,Mn,N or S. Of these essential elements those are exclusive constituents of chlorophyll molecules are


(a) Fe and S
(b) N and S
(c) Mg and S
(d) Mg and N

Correct Answer:

Mg and N


Chlorophyll molecules has a complex porphyring ring (head) to which is attached a long hydrophobic phytol(C₂₈H₃₉) chain(tail).Prophyrin is a cyclic tetrapyrrole, made up of four nitrogen containing pyrrole rings arranged in a cyclic fashion.Pyrrole rings are linked by methine(-CH=) bridges.In the central position of tetrapyrrole ring,the magnesium atom is present.

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Topics: Transport and Nutrition in Plants (165)
Subject: Biology (4113)

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