NEET Student Preparation Overview

What you have committed to give?

Thanks for committing your three hours of your time for achieving your medical dream. Now, Lets begin.

Threehours is sufficient to clear the exam but may not be sufficient based on when you are starting this free online course. You are the right person to decide whether you want to clear NEET or score high in NEET or top the NEET. We leave this decision to you.

Stop reading now. Decide what you want to achieve? Based on that you decide how much more time (above the 3 hours you committed to us) you can spend on NEET preparation. This will decide whether you will get high score in NEET or top the NEET examination.

If you have only 40 days preparation time for the NEET exam, you have no other option but to spend minimum of 10 hours/day to clear the exam.

What we commit to give?

We are guaranteeing a medical seat if you clear Level 4 of NEET Challenge or complete the full course before the NEET examination.

Why we are so confident about you clearing the NEET?

We have analysed the last 10 year NEET/AIPMT questions papers along with other medical entrance examinations. We found many patterns during our analysis. Based on the weightage, we divided each subject into 24 topics. Based on the problem solving skill tested by NEET exam and topic coverage we have compiled 100 questions for each chapter. If you solve these questions, you will clear NEET 100%.

If we are not going to ask money from you what do we want from you?

We have already promised that we will never ask you to pay money to use the course. If you want to help us. Please tell about NEETLab and help your friends who are preparing for the examination.

First Steps before starting the preparation

Subscribe to Social Media: We are posting questions everyday on all NEET subjects along with tips and tricks to solve questions. If you are using facebook, like our page. Do not subscribe to all the networks. Pick the one which you generally use. If you are not using any social media, you need not like/follow.

Subscribe to Youtube Channel: We are publishing videos on our Youtube channel on important concepts for NEET preparation. We help you understand the concept clearly so that you will be able to analyze, apply and evaluate while attempting the question in the NEET examination hall. Click the subscribe button below.

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Best of Luck For Your Preparation

How you should use NEETLab

First Proceed with How to Crack NEET video course. This should not take more than 1 hour, but it will save hundreds to thousand of hours for your preparation.

After completing that course, proceed to Topic Wise NEET Learning. It contains 24 topics each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You should plan to complete one topic everyday. Each topic will have approximately 100 questions. It will provide hint to help you solve the question. If you give wrong answer, it will guide you to refer the concepts, problem solving methods, etc so that you can improve your understanding on the topic and problem solving skill.

After you login, visit the Account page so that you can see the progress of your courses as well as test scores. This will help you to continue where you left the last time. After you complete one topic/(pass exam), the tick mark in the course summary changes from grey to green. Find out all the grey topics and complete those topics to complete the full practice course.

Signup for the NEETLab Challenge. It has five levels. It contains question that have high probability to come for 2018 NEET examination.  When your clear Level1, you move to Level2 challenge and so on. After you clear Level-3, you will receive certificate along with surprise gift. Do not take the challenge without any preparation.  More importantly, we guarantee a medical seat for you if you clear Level-4 of NEETLab challenge.

When you are doing Topic Wise NEET Learning, you have to take mock tests or solve previous year NEET question paper online atleast once in a week or twice in a month, . When you complete these tests, it will tell you where you stand among all the other candidates who have taken that test already. Also it will tell you, your strongest and weakest topics. This will help you to determine how to spend your valuable preparation time when you are getting close to the examination.

What If I have only 40 days preparation time for NEET exam

If you are above average student, you have good chance to clear NEET if you follow strict 10 hour study plan which includes learning, revision and practice. We are working on a 40 days study plan. It will be posted on your profile page once it gets released.

When can We Begin the Course

The best time to begin anything is anytime. But, the best time to begin NEET preparation is NOW.

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    • Take topic wise tests by clicking the learn menu. I am planning to create video on this topic after this year neet exams are over. Till that time you can proceed preparation by taking topic wise practice tests.

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