Which one of the following pairs of nitrogenous bases of nucleic acids

Which One Of The Following Pairs Of Nitrogenous Bases Of Biology Question

Which one of the following pairs of nitrogenous bases of nucleic acids, is wrongly mathced with the category mentioned against it?


(a) Thymine, Uracil – Pyrimidines
(b) Uracil, Cytosine – Pyrimidines
(c) Guanine, Adenine – Purines
(d) Adenine, Thymine – Purines

Correct Answer:

Adenine, Thymine – Purines


Purine is an organic nitrogenous base sparingly soluble in water, that gives rise to a group of biologically important derivatives, notably adenine and guanine, which occur in nucleotides and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

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