Which of the following ions help in muscle contraction

Which Of The Following Ions Help In Muscle Contraction Biology Question

Which of the following ions help in muscle contraction?


(a) K⁺ and Mg⁺⁺
(b) Na⁺ and K⁺
(c) Ca⁺⁺ and Na⁺
(d) Ca⁺⁺ and Mg⁺⁺

Correct Answer:

Ca⁺⁺ and Mg⁺⁺


Ca²⁺ as well as Mg⁺⁺ help in muslce contraction. Actin and myosin get combined in presence of ATP and Ca²⁺ to form actomyosin to Myosin + Actin –ATP/Ca²⁺—> Actomysin Energy released by the oxidation of food in the form of ATP is broken down into ADP, phosphorus and energy in the presence of enzyme myosin ATPase, Ca²⁺ and Mg²⁺ions. ATP + H₂O —myosin ATPase/Ca²⁺,Mg²⁺—–> ADP + Pi+ Energy The energy is used up in the contraction of muscle.

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Topics: Locomotion and Movement (106)
Subject: Biology (4253)

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