Which of the following environmental conditions are essential for optimum

Which Of The Following Environmental Conditions Are Essential For Optimum Biology Question

Which of the following environmental conditions are essential for optimum growth of Mucor on a piece of bread


(a) I Temperature of about 25°C
(b) II. a shady place
(c) III.Relative humidity of about 95%
(d) IV. Relative humidity of about 5%

Correct Answer:

I. Temperature of about 25°C,II. a shady place,III.Relative humidity of about 95%.


Mucor is a saprophytic fungus belonging to the order Mucorales and family-Mucoraceae and grows on decaying dung and on some food stuffs. Mucor shows the best growth on a piece of bread at a temperature of about 25°C.

Fungi grows in warm temperature, high humid, damp places. we can eliminate bright place, low humidity and low temperature from the list.

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