What is the energy of photon whose wavelength is 6840 Å?

What Is The Energy Of Photon Whose Wavelength Is 6840 Physics Question

What is the energy of photon whose wavelength is 6840 Å?


(a) (1.81 eV)
(b) (3.6 eV)
(c) (-13.6 eV)
(d) (12.1 eV)

Correct Answer:

(1.81 eV)


λ = 6840 Å
.·. ʋ = c / λ ⇒ hʋ = hc / λ
If hc = 12400 eV Å
Energy of the photon = 12400eV Å / 6840 Å
= 1.81 Å

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