Water enters from soil into the root hairs due to

Water Enters From Soil Into The Root Hairs Due To Biology Question

Water enters from soil into the root hairs due to


(a) turgor pressure of root hair
(b) osmotic pressure of root hair
(c) suction pressure
(d) diffusion pressure

Correct Answer:

suction pressure


D.P.D. (diffusion pressure deficity) is the amount by which the diffusion pressure of a solution is lower than that of its pure solvent. The DPD of a cell denotes the net pressure that causes water to enter cell. DPD = OP – WP and since WP = TP thus DPD = OP – TP. D.P.D is also known as suction pressure.

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Topics: Transport and Nutrition in Plants (163)
Subject: Biology (4253)

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