The leaf of Mimosa on touching becomes flaccid and droops down This is due

The Leaf Of Mimosa On Touching Becomes Flaccid And Droops Biology Question

The leaf of Mimosa on touching becomes flaccid and droops down. This is due to


(a) water goes into pulvinus
(b) water movement
(c) based on water concentration
(d) based on water minerals

Correct Answer:

water movement


Nastic movements occur in response to a stinulus. It is independent of its direction. They are shown by bifacial organs (leaves, sepals, petals) and are in response to diffused external stimulus. Seismonastic movements are due to shock or touch stimulus. Such movements are shown by Mimosa pudica. The leaf of Mimosa is compound having four pinna and each pinna is having many pinnules. If a terminal pinnule is touched, the whole leaf droops down. This is due to fact that at the bases of pinnules, pinna and wh

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