The idea of two pigment systems in light reaction of photosynthesis was given

The Idea Of Two Pigment Systems In Light Reaction Of Biology Question

The idea of two pigment systems in light reaction of photosynthesis was given by


(a) Arnon
(b) Hill
(c) Blackman
(d) Emerson

Correct Answer:



Emerson et al (1957) said that the rate of photosynthesis increased drastically when monochromatic beams of two different wavelength (680 nm and 700 nm) of light were applied simultaneously (Emerson’s enhancement effect). These results suggested the presence of two interconnected pigment systems, Thereafter Lowis Duysens gave the concept of two photosystems PS I and PS II in light reactions of photosynthesis. A linear electron transport system with two light driven reactions (Z scheme) was proposed (Hill

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Topics: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants (153)
Subject: Biology (4113)

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