The difference between ΔH and ΔE at 300 K for the reaction

The Difference Between H And E At 300 K For Chemistry Question

The difference between ΔH and ΔE at 300 K for the reaction
C₃H₈(g) + 5O₂(g) → 3CO₂(g) + 4H₂O(l)


(a) 300 ˣ 8.31 J/mol
(b) -300 ˣ 8.314 J/mol
(c) 3 ˣ 300 ˣ 8.314 J/mol
(d) -3 ˣ 300 ˣ 8.314 J/mol

Correct Answer:

-3 ˣ 300 ˣ 8.314 J/mol


ΔH = ΔE + Δn(g)RT
or ΔH – ΔE = Δn(g)RT,
where Δn(g) = (3) – (5 + 1) = -3.
Thus, ΔH – ΔE = -3 * 8.31 *300 J/mol.

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