The bioassay of auxin is

The Bioassay Of Auxin Is Biology Question

The bioassay of auxin is


(a) Avena curvature test
(b) callus formation
(c) culture of fungus
(d) seed dormancy

Correct Answer:

Avena curvature test


Bioassay is a testing of biological activity like growth response of a substance by employing plant part. Avena curvature test is a bioassay for examining the activity of auxins. It is based upon experiments of F.W.Went. 10° curvature is produced by auxin concentration of 150 mg/lit at 25⁰ C and 90% relative humidity. It can measure auxin up to 300 mg/lit. Auxin from shoot tip or any other plant organ is allowed to diffuse in a standard size agar block. 15 -30 mm long oat coleoptile grown in dark is held ve

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