Phytochrome in plants is sensitive to

Phytochrome In Plants Is Sensitive To Biology Question

Phytochrome in plants is sensitive to


(a) green light
(b) blue light
(c) red light
(d) red and far red light

Correct Answer:

red and far red light


Phytochrome is a pigment involved in the perception of photoperiodic stimuli controlling flowering, lettuce seed germination and other morphogenetic phenomenon. The phytochrome exists in two forms : the phytochrome red absorbing form (Pr) and the phytochrome far-red absorbing form (Pfr).Scientist consider the Pfr form to be the physiologically active form. Phytochrome is a blue-green pigment existing in two interconvertible forms. One form Pfr or P₇₃₀ absorbs far-red light and the other Pr or P₆₆₀ or P₆₈₀ a

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