Pentamerous, actinomorphic flowers, bicarpellate ovary with oblique septa and fruit

Pentamerous Actinomorphic Flowers Bicarpellate Ovary With Oblique Septa And Fruit Biology Question

Pentamerous, actinomorphic flowers, bicarpellate ovary with oblique septa and fruit a capsule of berry, are characteristic features of


(a) Brassicaceae
(b) Solanaceae
(c) Liliaceae
(d) Asteraceae

Correct Answer:



Pentamerous, actinomorphic flowers, bicarpillary ovary with oblique septa, fruit is capsule or berry are the characteristic features of family Solanaceae. In Brassicaceae – dimerous or tetramerous, actinomorphic but sometimes zygomorphic flower, bicarpellary ovary with a false septum (called replum), fruit is siliqua or silicula. Lilicaeae – Trimerous, actinomorphic flower, tricarpillary, syncarpous ovary, fruit is berry or capsula
Asteraceae – Pentamerous, actinomorphic or zygomorphic flower, bicarpillary,

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