Miller and Urey performed an experiment to prove the origin of life. They took

Miller And Urey Performed An Experiment To Prove The Origin Biology Question

Miller and Urey performed an experiment to prove the origin of life. They took gases NH₃ and H₂ alongwith


(a) N₂ and H₂O
(b) CH₄ and N₂
(c) H₂O and CH₄
(d) CO₂ and NH₃

Correct Answer:

H₂O and CH₄


The Miller-Urey experiment tested for the occurrence of chemical evoution. This experiment was conducted in 1953 at the University of Chicago. The experiment used water (H₂O),Methane (CH₄), ammonia (NH₃) and hydrogen (H₂) The chemicals were all sealed inside a sterile array of glass half-full of liquid water and another flask contining a pair evaproation, sparks were fired through the atmosphere and was cooled again so that the water could condense and tricles back into the first flask in a continuous cycle. At the end of one week of continuous operation, Urey and Miller observed that as much as 10-15% of the carbon within the system was now in the form of organic compounds. they found a large number of simple organic compounds, including some amino acids such as alanine, glycine and sapartic acid.

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