In the human female, menstruation can be deferred by a administration of

In The Human Female Menstruation Can Be Deferred By A Biology Question

In the human female, menstruation can be deferred by a administration of


(a) combination of FSH and LH
(b) combination of estrogen and progesterone
(c) FSH only
(d) LH only

Correct Answer:

combination of estrogen and progesterone


The Progestrone and estradiol continue the hypertrophy of endo metrial lining in the uterus and fallopian tubes and maintain it throughout pregnancy. Progesterone is also necessary for the proper implanation of the foetus in the uterine wall. It stimulates tyhe endometrial glands to secrete a nutrient fluid for the foetus, hence the term secretory phase. The progesterone inhibits the release of FSH so that it may not develop additional follicles and eggs.

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