If the volume of a block of aluminium is decreased by 1%, the pressure

If The Volume Of A Block Of Aluminium Is Decreased Physics Question

If the volume of a block of aluminium is decreased by 1%, the pressure (stress) on its surface is increased by (Bulk modulus of Al=7.5×10¹⁰ Nm⁻²)


(a) 7.5×10¹⁰ Nm⁻²
(b) 7.5×10⁸ Nm⁻²
(c) 7.5×10⁶ Nm⁻²
(d) 7.5×10⁴ Nm⁻²

Correct Answer:

7.5×10⁸ Nm⁻²


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Topics: Properties of Bulk Matter (130)
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