Histamines the inflammation producing substances are produced by which cells

Histamines The Inflammation Producing Substances Are Produced By Which Cells Biology Question

Histamines the inflammation producing substances are produced by which cells of the body?


(a) Collagen fibres
(b) Macrophages
(c) Mast cells
(d) Subtentacular cells

Correct Answer:

Mast cells


Mast cells are present in most body tissues, but are particularly numerous in connective tissue, such as the dermis (innermost layer) of skin. Mast cells play an important role in the body’s allergic responses. Mast cells contain metachromatic granules which store a variety of inflammatory mediators. These include:
-Histamine (causes running nose, sneezing and itching, and narrows the airways in the lungs.) and serotonin.
– Proteolytic enzymes that can destroy tissue or cleave complement components.
– H

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