Fovea in the eye is a central pit in the yellowish pigmented spot called

Fovea In The Eye Is A Central Pit In The Biology Question

Fovea in the eye is a central pit in the yellowish pigmented spot called


(a) Blind spot
(b) Retina
(c) Cornea
(d) Macula lutea

Correct Answer:

Macula lutea


At the posterior pole of the eye lateral to the blind spot, here is a yellowish pigmented spot called macula lutea with a central pit called the fovea. The fovea is a thinned-out portion of the retina where only the cones are densely packed. It is the point where the visual acuity (resolution) is the greatest.

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Topics: Neural Control and Chemical Coordination (201)
Subject: Biology (4113)

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