Food Poisoning is due to

Food Poisoning Is Due To Biology Question

Food Poisoning is due to


(a) Salmonella typhosa
(b) Clostridium botulinum
(c) Clostridium tuminaceae
(d) Synchytrium endobioticum

Correct Answer:

Clostridium botulinum


Clostridium is a large genus of Gram-positive bacteria, belonging to the frimicutes. They are obligate anaerobes capable of producing endospores. Individual cells are rod-shaped, which gives them their name, from the Greek kloster or spindle.
Food borne disease(or food poisoning) caused by C.botulinum is referred to as botulism (a muscle-paralyzing disease). It is caused by the ingestion of a neurotoxin (botulin) produced by the microorganism in the food. Botulin is the most potent known toxin, blocking ner

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