Electroencephalography is used to map regions of brain activity associated

Electroencephalography Is Used To Map Regions Of Brain Activity Associated Biology Question

Electroencephalography is used to map regions of brain activity associated with


(a) tumours
(b) trauma
(c) epilepsy
(d) all of these

Correct Answer:

all of these


EEG is an non-invasive electrically operated instrument having electrodes which when attached to scalp gives information about the electricity of the different parts of the brain (mainly the cerebral cortex).In the evaluation of a patient with suspected brain aliment the presence of abnormal waveform establishes the diagnosis.EEG was discovered by British neurologist Richard Caton in 1885 in research animals and later developed by German neurologist Bans Berger for use in humans in 1929.EEG can diagnose ep

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Topics: Neural Control and Chemical Coordination (195)
Subject: Biology (4253)

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