Common neurotransmitter in PNS is

Common Neurotransmitter In Pns Is Biology Question

Common neurotransmitter in PNS is


(a) epinephrine
(b) colchicine
(c) Acetylcholine
(d) both epinephrine and acetylcholine

Correct Answer:

both epinephrine and acetylcholine


Neurotransmitters are low molecular mass substances released in minute amiunts at inter neural,neuro-muscular and neuro-grandular synapses.They may be excitatory(depolarizing post synaptic membrane) or inhibitory(hyperpolarizing post synaptic membrane).Most widespread neurotransmitter is acetylcholine,but others are- epinephrine,norepinephrine,glycine,dopamine,etc.

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Topics: Neural Control and Chemical Coordination (201)
Subject: Biology (4113)

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