CO fixation in bundle sheath cells occurs in

Co Fixation In Bundle Sheath Cells Occurs In Biology Question

CO₂ fixation in bundle sheath cells occurs in


(a) C₄ plants
(b) C₃ plants
(c) CAM plants
(d) C₄ plants & C₃ plants & CAM plants

Correct Answer:

C₄ plants


In C₄ plants the leaf cells have two types of chloroplasts. the mesophyll cells of the leaf possess smaller chloroplasts that have well-defined grana but do not accumulate starch. The mesophyll cells of C₄ plants exhibit high activity of phosphoenol pyruvate(PEP) carboxylas, which catalyses the reaction of CO₂ with PEP to form oxaloacetic acid (through C₄ cycle) which later reduced to malic acid. Malic acid is then translocated to bundle sheath cell for further decarboxylation. Within th bundle sheath c

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Subject: Biology (4253)

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