An automobile moves on a road with a speed of 54 km h⁻¹. The radius of its wheels

An Automobile Moves On A Road With A Speed Of Physics Question

An automobile moves on a road with a speed of 54 km h⁻¹. The radius of its wheels is 0.45 m and the moment of inertia of the wheel about its axis of rotation is 3 kg m². If the vehicle is brought to rest in 15 s, the magnitude of average torque transmitted by its brakes to the wheel is


(a) 10.86 kg m² s⁻²
(b) 2.86 kg m² s⁻²
(c) 6.66 kg m² s⁻²
(d) 8.58 kg m² s⁻²

Correct Answer:

6.66 kg m² s⁻²


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