After karyogamy followed by meiosis, spores are produced exogenously in

After Karyogamy Followed By Meiosis Spores Are Produced Exogenously In Biology Question

After karyogamy followed by meiosis, spores are produced exogenously in


(a) Saccharomyces
(b) Agaricus
(c) Alternaria
(d) Neurospora

Correct Answer:



In Agaricus (a genus of basidiomycetes), basidiospores or meiospores are produced exogenously.Neurospora (a genus of ascomycetes) produces ascospores as meiospores but endogenously inside the ascus.).• Alternaria (a genus of deuteromycetes) does not produce sexual spores.• Saccharomyces (Unicellular ascomycetes) produces ascospores, endogenously.

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