Holophytic nutrition is found in

Holophytic nutrition is found in Options (a) Amoeba (b) Giardis (c) Entamoeba (d) Euglena Correct Answer: Euglena Explanation: Euglena carries on both autotrophic and hetrotrophic modes of nutrition.

HCl is secreted by

HCl is secreted by Options (a) Zymogen cells (b) Oxyntic cells (c) Kupffer cells (d) Mucous cells Correct Answer: Oxyntic cells Explanation: The fundic part of stomach consist 2 type of cells, chief or zymogenic […]

Goblet cells are

Goblet cells are Options (a) Unicellular mucous gland (b) Multicellular mucous gland of stomach (c) Tubula – veolar gland (d) All of the above Correct Answer: Unicellular mucous gland Explanation: Goblet cells are specialized unicellular […]

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