Level 5 Challenge

The fifth and final Level of the NEETLab challenge. If you have not cleared the first four levels, you cannot attempt this level. Please start from Level-1 challenge.

  • This test contains 180 questions distributed over Physics(45 questions), Chemistry(45 questions) and Biology(90 questions).
  • Duration of the exam is 3 hours.
  • The passing percentage for Level-5 is 75%.
  • You can attempt this test only five times. After 5 attempts, this test will be blocked. You need to contact neetlab with your username, if you want to get another chance to clear this level.
  • You can retry this test if you fail, after one week only.
  • You are expected to revise weak topics before you take the next attempt after one week.
  • NEETLab guarantees a medical seat in top medical colleges. If in case, you could not get into the best medical college during counselling, please contact neetlab for help.

Important Daily Practice MCQs From Various Medical Entrance Examinations To Improve Your NEET Score

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2 Comments on Level 5 Challenge

  1. if we pass the 5tyh level of this challenge are we guarenteed an MBBS set in top medical colleges in india itself if we weren’t able to get it through counselling?

    • Did it say top government medical college in India? It is not possible to join any government medical college without all india counselling or state counselling.

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