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What is NEETlab?

NEETlab is a free online self-coaching website that helps to achieve your medical dream. NEETlab website is designed for students, parents and teachers/coachers.

  • For students, it provides the necessary tools, and techniques to effectively learn, memorize, understand, revise, and practice for NEET examination.
  • For parents, it provides an opportunity to closely track progress of their child’s NEET preparation, their test scores and to identify their weak topics.
  • For teachers/coachers, it provides tracking test results, identify weak areas of their students in their school or coaching center.

What does NEETlab provide for a student who prepares for NEET?

NEETlab provides topic wise practice questions, mock/model tests and previous year NEET question paper to solve. It also provides various tools and techniques such as mnemonics, flashcards, concepts, comparison and difference, problem-solving methods to improve higher order thinking skills of the student.

What type of questions are asked in NEET examination?

Skills such as memorization taught in schools are not sufficient to score in competitive exams like NEET. These lower order thinking skills are sufficient to get the first rank in board examinations but it may not even help you to qualify in NEET. Higher order thinking skills such as application, analysis, evaluation are given importance while setting questions for NEET.

What is the major difference between toppers and average students?

After observing many topper’s interviews, it is evident that toppers spend most of their time for revision and practice using smart learning tools whereas average students try to read and reread the textbook again and again.

Is it possible for an average student to clear NEET?

The success is NEET examination depends on two things mainly, the first one is the self-discipline to stick to your study plan and the next thing is to improve your learning methodologies by employing right learning tools and techniques. Always keep in mind, if the tools you use and the techniques you choose are not adequate, how much harder you work, you will not be able to reach the top. If you think you have the first one, the self-discipline, then the second part will be taken care by NEETlab.

Should I buy any books for preparation apart from the material provided in NEETlab?

The material provided by NEETlab covers each and every concept in every topic mentioned in the syllabus in detail. Moreover, it provides hundreds of multiple choice questions on each topic to improve your problem-solving techniques.

How much time should I spend for the NEET preparation?

The time you need to spend every day for the preparation mainly depends on how much time is left for the examination. If you have close to one year for preparation, you should invest 4 hours daily and include activities such as listening to lectures, revising concepts, and practice tests. You should take at-least one weekly mock tests or solve previous year NEET questions to identify your weak areas.

How much does it cost to self-coach using NEETlab?

All the materials, tools and techniques provided by NEETlab is 100% free of cost. If you want to help us, the only thing we want from you is to spread the word about NEETlab to your friends and family. You can do so by sharing the questions in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How do I receive the recent updates on NEET examination?

Follow our social pages to get the update on the latest news related to NEET examination. By following our social pages, you will get image posts every day to revise concepts and practice questions for NEET. Follow our facebook page to get daily questions for NEET.

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    • Take topic wise tests by clicking the learn menu. I am planning to create video on this topic after this year neet exams are over. Till that time you can proceed preparation by taking topic wise practice tests.

    • If you are appearing for NEET 2018, then you do not have much time to start preparation for physics. If you are from states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka where there is quota for state board students/rural students/mother tongue medium quota, then without much preparation in physics you can get into govt medical college. Revise easy chapters like electronics, gravitation, oscillations & waves, dimensional and error analysis, work power energy, laws of gravitation, current electricity.

  1. Hi sir!
    I gave this year neet exam and i am expecting my score to be around 270-290 wil i get a govt medical college under TAMIL NADU state quota?
    i belong to mbc category.
    Thank you.
    Take care

  2. Hi sir!
    I gave this year neet exam and i am expecting my score to be around 270-290 wil i get a govt medical college under TAMIL NADU state quota?
    i belong to mbc category.
    Thank you.

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