In expiration condition diaphragm becomes

In expiration condition, diaphragm becomes Options (a) Circular (b) Relaxed (c) Fully contracted (d) Expanded Correct Answer: Relaxed Explanation: During expiration diaphragm relaxes and becomes dome-shaped thereby reducing intrathoracic volume to pass out the air […]

End product of citric acidKrebs cycle is

End product of citric acid/Krebs cycle is Options (a) Citric acid (b) Lactic acid (c) Pyruvic acid (d) CO ₂+H₂O Correct Answer: CO ₂+H₂O Explanation: The two molecules of pyruvate are completely degraded in Kreb’s […]

Dorsal root ganglion are

Dorsal root ganglion are Options (a) Mixed (b) Motor (c) Sensory (d) None of these Correct Answer: Sensory Explanation: Sensory nerve fibres are locataed in the dorsal root ganglion.

Gibberellin is obtained from

Gibberellin is obtained from Options (a) Phytophthora infestans (b) Gibberella fujikuroi (c) Fusarium moniliforme (d) Alternaria solani Correct Answer: Gibberella fujikuroi Explanation: In Japan certain rice plants were found to suffer from bakanae or foolish […]